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About us


In Topola, on sunny hillsides of Oplenac, the winery PIK Oplenac opens its doors for you. For centuries wine has been the part of culture, religion, and traditions in this spiritual capital of Serbia. In the years since dynasty Karadjordjevic to this day, the region Oplenac has been well known for its wines worthy of Royal feasts. Oplenac is the cradle of exceptional grapevines.

At this focal point of natural and cultural richness, PIK Oplenac has combined the vibrancy of nature with an unbridled love for the eternal drink. Continuing an over 60 year long tradition, we create wines with distinctively complex floral and fruity aromas.

Winery PIK Oplenac has a long history, dating back to 1948 when it was founded by Navip, a well known company at the time. Thanks to its capacities and quality it has taken the rightful place on the very top of the South-Eastern Europe’s winemaking.

We believe that the wine lovers remember such varietals of wine as: Rheinriesling, Golden Oplenka, Black Burgundy, Smederevka, and Leoni…


The winery PIK Oplenac implements newly formed concepts of winemaking. By carefully selecting terroirs with the perfect combination of elements and utilising the latest technology and industry leading professionals, we turn the production of wine into an artform, where every bottle is a masterpiece.

We maintain the highest standard of wine production by utilising only the latest in wine making techniques and equipment.

By cherishing decades long experience alongside the culture of the Balkan region and combining that with cutting edge technology, we create wines with a truly unique nature. Through the application of a scientific approach towards traditional knowledge, our winemakers and oenologists are creating a symbiosis of the traditional and contemporary.

Enjoy these wonderful notes we are discovering for you…


Beyond the exceptional quality of our wines, we aim to enrich the world through our love of art and modern design.

While visiting Openac, one can experience the rich atmosphere and our genuine love of cultural and spiritual beauty.

We aim to include wine culture in daily life, to truly live and breathe wine. We promote the love of wine and wish to inspire others with our passion.

And if there is truth in wine, we offer to fathom it together.